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Career in Computer Animation

Are you contemplating a career in computer animation? If so, you should know the different types of careers within the computer animation field, and what you'll need to study in college to prepare yourself for these jobs.

First, most of the computer animation jobs you'll find will be at animation studios. These studios create animation for cartoons, feature films, and advertising agencies. Here is a list of possible careers within the computer animation field:
  • Character Animator
    Specializes in bringing main characters to life

  • Special Effects Animator
    Usually animates non-living aspects of a cartoon, like machinery, snow, rain, etc.

  • Layout Artist
    Designs the background and camera angles

  • Storyboard Artist
    Uses the script to segment action between animated shots
Although there are other careers in computer animation separate from the ones listed, these few are a good cross section. To land one of these jobs, you'll probably want to enroll in a computer animation degree program. While studying for your degree, you should focus on classes that help you hone your drawing skills and give you a good sense of the artistry involved in animation. You should also focus on other courses such as learning how to use state-of-the-art computer graphics software, understanding cinematography and how it helps a story, and anatomy.

Now that you have a brief outline of what kind of careers in computer animation are out there, and how you can best prepare for them, don't waste any more time. Enroll in a computer animation program ASAP in order to jumpstart your future career.

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