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Career in Computer Graphics

Computer graphics is a booming field that turns dry technology into an exciting experience for Web users. There are countless opportunities for careers in computer graphics that will allow you to showcase your artistic talents and technological savvy.

Opportunities for Careers in Computer Graphics
There is certainly no shortage of careers for professionals in computer graphics. Perhaps the biggest employer of computer graphics pros is the Internet. The visual aspect of Web keeps graphic artists gainfully employed as thousands of new web sites go live every day. Add to that the number of web sites that undergo restructuring, and you have an unlimited opportunity for employment of these professionals. Other careers in computer graphics include print and televised mediums. Computer graphic artists create captivating images for a variety of business communications that sell products and services. From sell sheets to television commercials, graphic artists design logos and animations that bring life to these productions. Even the wireless industry relies heavily on graphic design creations to personalize cell phones and personal data assistants.

Education for Careers in Computer Graphics
To land one of the careers in computer graphics, you'll want to enter a challenging design program from a technical school, college, or university. Concepts of interest include drawing and sketching, animation, and basic computer applications. Courses in computer graphics address the creative and technical aspects of the position that will increase your chances of success. While formal campus classes are an important part of your training, many classes can be taken online through a distance learning format. The National Association of Schools of Art and Design is the major accrediting organization for computer graphics programs across the country and sets the bar for industry qualifications. With over 250 accepted programs in the United States, you can easily find a program that fits your professional needs in your area.

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