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Career in Graphic Design

Are you contemplating a career in graphic design? If so, you need to know what types of graphic design jobs are out there, and what skills you'll need to have to land those jobs.

Career in Graphic Design—Paths
The graphic design field is starting to diverge. Historically, graphic designers mainly worked with print media. Today, with the advent of websites as advertising channels, many advertising agencies that used to deal only in print advertising feel the need to compete in the multi-media space as well. To do this, they look for designers that can work both with print media and new media, including websites. While there are still plenty of traditional graphic design jobs out there, hybrid graphic/multi media design jobs are growing at a higher rate.

Career in Graphic Design—Preparation
To be a graphic designer, you'll need to take a lot of visual art classes. Commercial art may not be as inspiring to the artist, but it can require the same level of artistic talent. After becoming thoroughly grounded in drawing, an aspiring graphic artist should also take classes that familiarize them with the state-of-the-art design software programs. These programs are often used by advertising agencies, and learning how to use them in school will help you land a job down the road.

Now that you know a bit more about the field, hopefully you'll be able to jumpstart your own career in graphic design.

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