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Cisco Career

So you're looking for an excellent way to break into the communications field. Well, the Internet has led to new career opportunities in this area. As networking technologies bring new social and economic opportunities to communities across the world, there is a growing demand for professionals that can design, maintain, build and secure communication networks.

The Internet is made possible by communication lines that transmit data between connected servers. In a world of cellphones, computers and satellites, connectivity is paramount. The connectivity needs to be safe, strong and secure to enable various data transmissions. To launch your career in the communications networking field, you need the right training and qualifications. If you are interested in setting and maintaining connectivity among users, you should consider getting a Cisco certification.

Start a Cisco Career

Cisco certifications are meant to equip students with the knowledge and hand-on experience required to meet the growing demand for communication network professionals in wireless, broadband and green technologies.

There are many Cisco certifications you can undertake to launch your career. The most popular certifications are Cisco Certified Networking Professional Certification (CCNP) and Cisco Certified Networking Associate Certification (CCNA).

Either of the two certifications will equip you with the basic skills that will help you understand network set up, configuration, troubleshooting, repair and maintenance. Other skills you will learn include creating and deploying wide area networks (WANs) and large area networks (LANs),working with routers and switches, and wireless connectivity.

Some Cisco courses are recognized globally. Such courses help students to stand out in the job market and demonstrate their competencies to employers. Apart from computer network skills, Cisco training equips students with skills such as critical thinking, collaboration and problem solving.

Which Cisco Career is Right for You?

Cisco careers are spread across nearly every industry. As computers become crucial to operations of various organizations, Cisco qualified professionals are finding work in industries such as health care, manufacturing, banking, transportation and others. You can also start your own career as a service technician helping individuals and small companies to set up, maintain and secure their networks.

Cisco careers are rewarding for anyone who is interested in computer networks. The jobs are also in high demand across all industries.

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