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Computer Graphics Career

A computer graphics career is part of a growing trend toward creative high-tech jobs. This career requires skill in both art and in modern mediums that make the best graphics possible. While there is some need for creative graphics that will be used for artistic purposes, the main use of computer graphics are for end products like signs, logos, displays, brochures, packaging and other items that help promote a business.

Computer Graphics Education

An associate's degree or bachelor's degree is needed to go into this field. Studying both business and marketing as well as computers, art and graphic design can make you a well-rounded job candidate who understands what companies are looking for when they commission designs. Understanding different types of marketing materials and what each accomplishes can help you to use your artistic skill to create just the right look for each.

Working in the Computer Graphics Field

There are countless industries that use graphic designers. Newspapers and magazines employ them for creating graphics used in news stories and for designing ads. Other businesses use them to create promotional materials like t-shirts, stationary designs and signs. Computer graphics companies keep large pools of designers in house to work for multiple clients. Individual clients may provide you with work for years or simply ask for one thing to be designed.

An increasingly popular choice is to take on projects as a self-employed computer graphics specialist. With this career trajectory, you can specialize in a project type, such as a logos, or take on a varied roster of project types.

A career in computer graphics allows people to work on an ever-changing array of projects to ensure that no day is exactly the same. Many people who have a strong affinity for art go into computer graphics to allow for a high degree of creativity and artistic expression in their daily lives.

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