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Computer Information Programmer Career

Computer programmers are charged with writing, testing, and maintaining the instructions that computers follow to perform their functions. They take software and, using one of several sophisticated computing languages, explain to the computer how to run the program. They may also create and implement programs that show computers how to solve problems.

Essentially, without computer programmers, your computer is just a hunk of metal. So if you're interested in making computers work, you might explore a computer information programmer career.

Your Studies in Computer Programming
The majority of computer programmers have at least a bachelor's degree, although some employers will accept candidates with associate degrees. Depending on your employer or the specific field you work in, you might be required to do additional study; for example, employers who use computers for scientific or engineering work might prefer to hire those with specialized training in science or engineering.

Your computer information programmer training will likely cover topics such as business communications, database design, visual basic programming, Web programming, and programming in computer languages like C++ or Java. You'll learn program testing, debugging, and customization techniques.

The Future of Computer Information Programmer Careers
Unfortunately, because computer programming can be done digitally and therefore doesn't require the programmer to be on-site, much of today's computer programming work is being outsourced to foreign countries with lower wages. That's not to say that these jobs cannot be found. Those with bachelor degrees and up-to-date training in C++, Java, and other computing languages, as well as data communications and business intranet training will have the best opportunities for employment.

The Following Schools Provide Educational Programs For Computer Information Programmer Careers:
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