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Computer Programmer Career

What Do You Do in a Computer Programmer Career?

Programs are essentially instructions that the computer follows to perform various functions. Therefore, a computer programmer writes, tests, and maintains those programs, and works with other computer specialists to figure out what instructions would work best to make the computer do a specific task. Usually a computer software engineer or systems analyst gives programmers certain specifications to use when writing new programs.

As a computer programmer, you may write programs in a conventional programming language, like COBOL, an artificial intelligence language like Prolog, or an advanced object-oriented language like Java, C++, or ACTOR.

What Education Do You Need for a Computer Programmer Career?

Some entry level positions only require a 2-year degree, but for most jobs you need a bachelor's degree. If you want to work for a company that uses computers for scientific or engineering applications, you should get your degree in computer or information science, mathematics, engineering, or the physical sciences, however if you want to work somewhere that uses computers for more business applications you may want to take courses in management information systems and business along with computer programming.

The most common degree for computer programmers is computer science, and most employers seek out job applicants with a strong knowledge of the newer object-oriented programming languages like C++ and Java. You can pursue a voluntary certification in either of those, but it's not required. Knowing fourth- and fifth-generation languages involving graphic user interface and systems programming has also become increasingly valuable, so learning these may enhance your career opportunities.

The Following Schools Provide Educational Programs For Computer Programmer Careers:
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