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.Net Career

Do you enjoy working with computers and know the basics of computer programming? If so, you may enjoy a starting a Microsoft .Net career. There is currently a high demand for web developers, who specialize in the Microsoft platform, and this demand has caused the salaries in this career choice to rise considerably over the last few years. Below is some more information about what this career entails and how to become qualified to start your own Microsoft .Net career.

What Is a Microsoft .Net Career?

A person who works in the Microsoft .Net field offers software and network development services. They work to create and maintain new applications and software programs to be used in conjunction with the Microsoft platform. They can work for the Microsoft company itself, or other companies that use Microsoft products. There are several different levels within this career from an entry level web developer to a web producer to a network engineer.

College Degree or Experience

Some companies require their Microsoft .Net developers to have obtained a college degree in computer programming. However, with the right amount of experience, a college degree is not always required. A degree can be beneficial, though, to fully understand all aspects of web development and programming, for this reason continuing education is highly recommended. Computer programming majors and courses are available at most colleges and can oftentimes be taken in the classroom or online.

Microsoft Certified

Microsoft offers both training and certification for .Net developers. There are various Microsoft certifications you can earn through this program, such as Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer, Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert and Microsoft Certified Solutions Master. The training is specifically designed to provide the information necessary to pass the exam and become certified. The certification test is offered through a third-party vendor. You must register for the exam ahead of time and find a test center close to your location.

Starting a Microsoft .Net career is a great option that provides a lot of opportunity for advancement. As you gain more experience and become Microsoft certified in other areas, you will be able to increase you job potential and your salary. For now, this appears to be a career option that will be in high demand for many years to come.

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